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WHAT Are Car and Truck Wraps?

Maybe you’ve seen some really crazy vehicles around your city or town promoting a businesses or even a national brand. Maybe you’ve thought this type of advertising could really help your business gain invaluable leads, or perhaps you’re simply tired of pouring your marketing dollars into methods that don’t offer any reliable results. 

We know that marketing is changing today. With the advent of the internet and the current economic down turn, we have to agree or explore the possibilities that what used to work may not or really isn’t working any longer. This calls for action. Action to place your marketing money where you can gage quickly and easily the results.

And if you’re not a “guru” at internet marketing, you may find yourself still relying on the old basic “tried and true methods” of advertising such as signage, word of mouth or referrals, and billboards. Hawai’i doesn’t currently allow billboards, which creates an extraordinary opportunity to utilize car or truck wraps to promote your business. But even in states that allow and promote billboards, a well-designed wrap can get amazing results!

What Are Wraps?

Vehicle Wraps (known as “car wraps or truck wraps”) is a method of “wrapping” your car in a high quality vinyl material that broadcasts your company’s message all the time. With the advent of quality advancements in wide-format printing, your desire to wrap your vehicle in a high-quality, picture-perfect method is now a reality.

Only a decade ago, vehicle wraps were only cost-effective for “big business” due to the costs to produce and install quality material that would last more than a year or two. But with the advent of improvements in eco and solvent inks affordable to local and regional sign companies, you, the business owner, are now offered choices for reliable and cost-effective vendors to supply this service.

And while the car and truck wrap industry is still in its early stages, you can find countless sources to help you accomplish your marketing goals. And as technology advances, your costs to wrap your vehicle may (and hopefully) decrease with even more break-throughs in ways to design, produce, and install your wraps.

What Is Your Goal?

With many more choices available to choose from, we invite you to contemplate what your true goals are regarding possibility wrapping one or many of your company vehicles.

Several things to think about:

1) Dealing with a professional company. A company that stands behind their commitment to wrapping your vehicle with quality and care, providing service to save you time. Are you dealing with a company that works professionally in the industry, with ten’s or hundred’s of referrals? Or are you dealing with a “part-time” person who has a day-job completely different than the wrap industry?

2) Dealing with a wrap company specialized in designing and installing a marketing message that will get you results and make you happy? Or are you dealing with a company where the installer is also the designer, and perhaps not schooled or experienced in either?

3) Dealing with a company proud to wrap your vehicle in only 3M Cast Vinyl and Overlaminate, installed by a Lowen Certified Installer who resides in the state you live? Many “wrap companies” utilize “experience based installers” who are possibly using your vehicle to gain even more experience.
4) Dealing with a company who is proud to wrap your ride, who counts on each and every ride wrapped as a possible future referral, a “Happy Customer” willing to give us credit because they know they would refer their friends and family to us?

These are only four tings to consider when contemplating hiring a professional company to wrap your ride. For more information on other details, please contact us now by calling 808-430-6567, or press “Live Chat” above to “chat” with a friendly Customer Service Respresnetative.


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