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What Can Be Wrapped?

“Can my car be wrapped?” “Can my truck be wrapped?” “Can my boat be wrapped?” “Can my plane be wrapped?” The answer to “What can you wrap” is easy. ALMOST ANYTHING. Provided the substrate (material) being wrapped is properly prepped, able to wrap, and ready to go.

When you start to look around everyday, after being educated about how many things are vinyl-wrapped, you simply won’t believe what you see. In fact, between vinyl wraps and pad-printing, a HUGE amount of items, signs, displays, cars, widgets, gadgets, etc, are either vinyl-wrapped or pad-printed. Pad printing is the act of “stamping” logos, numbers, graphics, etc. onto contour curved items. But for the sake of this website, we’ll stay with vinyl wraps for examples.

Vinyl Wraps are used for things as common as signs and decals to such exotic items as private jets to yachts, and pretty-much everything in-between. In fact, when you add vinyl printing to the equation, we believe a majority of signs and institutional advertising is provided by the vinyl printing and wrap industry. This is only our opinion because we have not had time to conduct or research any experiments.

But a quick survey of everyday life, when observing window lettering, car magnets, many or most signs, banners, posters, etc, reveals a common production method in common: wide format printing and a usage of some type of vinyl for display. It’s just a GREAT way to display your company’s message in a cost-effective, durable method.

So what does it take to be able to “Wrap Something” with your message? It’s actually a really easy question to answer. There are three parts to the equation:

1) Can the item you wish to wrap “hold” the vinyl? This means, in common terms, does your item have a finish that will allow the quality vinyl to adhere or “stick” to it without damaging the substrate or item being wrapped? We can do quick tests to find out the answer to this question. But as an example of something that can’t be wrapped: a rusted, beyond repair, vehicle. Imagine trying to place a sticker onto sand. It doesn’t work. So as a very, oversimplified example, you need a nice, glossy or semi-glossy substrate for your vinyl to hold. Wood finishes are especially challenging, as wood has a really finicky attitude.

2) Does your item have excessive curves? Our installer loves the challenge of applying vinyl to contour curves, but some curves are simply insane. As an example, we normally refuse jobs wrapping corrugated garage doors or extreme curves and bends with curves less than 2 inches. You would be better-off painting your substrate.

3) Does wrapping your vehicle fit within your marketing strategy and budget? You may be surprised how partial or full wraps can benefit almost any type of business, and you may also be surprised how affordable a partial or full wrap can be.

Call today (808) 430-6567 to find out more information about adding a wrap to your marketing plan!

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